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Olymvax’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Olymvax’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Tenyears has passed, we are still on the road, heading together.  

In the past ten years, since its founding in 2009, Olymvax has consolidated its foundation with the spirit of integrity.

"Cooperation brings multi-wins"-we gather the strength of the team and work with our partners to sharpen the weapons for competitions.  

Olymvax’s 10th anniversary celebration was held on December 14th at the Crown Plaza Hobby, in Chengdu High-tech Zone.


The grand banquet gathered the distinguished guests including partners and friends of Olymvax. At the reception, delicate 10-year souvenirs were distributed to the guests. The big screen at the start of the celebration took everyone back on a ten-year journey. In the ten years, we have grown from several employees to the current Olymvax, with almost 300 employees.


Interval with visual feast of excellent stage shows, we give out 17 awards for employees for 10-year’s contribution as well as 1 Honor Award.



Ms. Fan Fan,executive deputy general manager of Olymvax, took everyone to a forecast of the bright future. The sentences." one day, Olymvax will achieve a 100 billion sales amount" really strike the heart of everyone at site.


Finally, the highlight of the launching of the launch ball sailing to the future draws a perfect ending to the celebration.


Then, Mr. Fan Shaowen, the chairman of the company, delivered a speech and invited all guests and employees to toast to the celebration.