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Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

As a national High-tech enterprise, Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals Inc. is focusing on novel products. Olymvax covers an area of 52666 square meters, with 39,000 square meters in construction. Up to the end of November, 2019, the company had 282 employees, among which, 19 have master's degree or above, accounting for 6.73% of the associates.


Adhering to the business philosophy of "strengthening process management, committing to continuous improvement and pursuing the highest quality", the company aims to being the “internationally well-known and domestically leading” vaccine supplier. As for the construction and management of the production workshop, besides conforming to Chinese GMP 2010, the company also referring to the standard construction and management of developed countries in Euro-America, getting the products well prepared for the international market. As for the R&D, the company holds the bi-wheel strategy of “developing novel vaccines, while upgrading traditional vaccines”. Through 9 years of hard work, Olymvax has formed a stair-like product development process where there are multiple products across many stages of development. 2 products are already launched; several products are in the clinical stage and many other peoducts are in the R&D pipeline and is developing at a stable pace.

Board Chairman Address

No matter what twists and turns and no matter what difficulties and obstacles are in the way of an enterprise’s birth and development, as long as there is stable faith and a consolidated goal, the enterprise will grow better and better and finally achieve success.

Since its founding, Olymvax always keeps to its original development orientation, taking scientific research and its related achievements transformation as its duty; taking “products that benefit mankind” and “becoming the leading enterprise in the industry” as its business goal. Olymvax has formed a development process supported by an outstanding and independent R&D ability, solid accumulation of technological innovation, farsighted product configuration and strict quality assurance system.

In the coming future, shouldering the holy mission of providing human beings with vaccines that are safer, better and more effective; upholding the principles of “honesty, dedication, innovation and transcendence”; adopting the world’s leading managerial technique, Olymvax will never cease to innovate and excell; Olymvax is comitted to becoming an internationally well-known, domestically leading supplier of vaccines.

Olymvax strives to provide a strong development platform for each employee, to give a stable return on investment to each investor, to make professional contributions to social progress and technical development. I believe that with the help and support of all Olymvax staff and cooperative partners, our goal will finally be achieved.

Management Team

Olymvax management team consists of professional personnel who have years of experience in bio-pharmaceutical business and those who have backgrounds of security, finance, marketing and overseas work or study experience. They have an average work experience of over 20 years. The management team has both smart responsibility assignment and strong team work spirit. Thus, the efficient running and rapid development of Olymvax’s businesses can be ensured.

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Event Chronicle
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    Jul. 2019

    Olymvax is recognised as Chengdu Enterprise Technology Center.

    Mar. 2019

    Olymvax Promoters Annual Event 2019

    Jan., 2018

    Co-developed Class 1 New Drug Recombinant Staphylococcus Aureus Vaccine officially received the phase I clinical result report.

    Nov., 2017

    “Haemophilus influenzae type b Conjugate Vaccine’s Launching and Cooperation Seminar” was held;

    Meningococcal Group A and C Conjugate Vaccine was included in the production registration process.

    Nov. 2017

    Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine launched;

    Meningococcal group A and C polysaccharide conjugate vaccine registration for production;

    China's first super-bacteria vaccine completed the Phase I clinical study.

    Aug. 2017

    Olymvax once again identified as among national high-tech enterprises

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    Jul. 2017

    Haemophilus influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine recieved GMP certification

    Jun. 2017

    Olymvax's first product, "Tetanus Vaccine, Absorbed" was launched on the market.

    May 2017

    Olymvax's independently developed product Haemophilus influenzaetype b conjugate vaccine was issued  "Drug Registration License"

    Since its listing in the stock market, Olymvax got the third financing of 60 million CNY and increased its registered capital to 205.68 million CNY.

    Mar. 2017

    Olymvax was honored High-tech Zone "2016 Annual Intelligent Manufacturing Standard Enterprise"

    Jan. 2017

    Meningococcal Group A Group C Meningococcal-Haemophilus influenzae type b (Conjugate) Combination Vaccine received clinical approval

    Dec. 2016

    Olymvax was issued GMP Certificate for Tetanus Vaccine, Absorbed.

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    Oct. 2016

    Olymvax's first product, "Tetanus Vaccine, Absorbed" was issued the Drug Registration License.

    Jul. 2016

    Officially the Co-development of Class 1 New Drug, Group A Streptococcus Vaccine, between Olymvax and Australian Griffith University was initiated.

    Feb. 2016

    Since its listing in the stock market, Olymvax got its first financing and brought in 2 market makers, its registered capital increased to 189.02 million CNY.

    Dec. 2015

    Olymvax received its renewed Drug Manufacturing License.

    Jun. 2015

    Olymvax merged Chongqing Yuanlun Biopharmaceutical Technological Co., Ltd.

    Jun. 2015

    Recombinant Staphylococcus Aureus Vaccine (E. Coli.), Class I novel drug, co-developed with the Third Military Medical University, was issued Drug Clinical Trial Approval File.

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    Sep. 2015

    Olymvax was Officially listed in China National Equities Exchange and Quotations Market, shortly named as “Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals” (stock code: 833577)

    Apr. 2015

    Olymvax finished its third financing, and the registered capital increased to 158 million CNY.

    Oct. 2014

    Olymvax was honored as a National Hi-Tech Enterprise.

    Jul. 2013

    Olymvax finalized its second financing, and the registered capital increased to 138 million CNY.

    Apr. 2013

    Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine, developed by Olymvax was issued a Drug Clinical Trial Approval File.

    Oct. 2012

    The vaccine production base-Stage I project of Olymvax was completed and put into use.

    Absorbed Tetanus Vaccine, developed by Olymvax was issued Drug Clinical Trial Approval File.

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    Feb. 2012

    Olymvax finalized its first financing, and the registered capital increased to 100million CNY.

    Jul. 2011

    Olymvax was issued the Drug Manufacturing License for the first time.

    May. 2010

    Vaccine R&D laboratory was completed and put into use.

    Dec. 2009

    Chengdu Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals Inc. was founded and its registered capital was 50 million CNY.

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